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I believe that science communication is of the utmost importance - without it, many of our research efforts could be rendered inconsequential. I also believe that science should be shared through as many creative outlets as possible, in order to reach a broad, diverse audience of people from all ages and backgrounds, who may connect to biology in different ways. I am determined to make my work accessible to those who have been scientifically underrepresented. The simple vector piece on the top left of this page, based on a photograph from my friend Dylan Winkler, is intended to represent bridging this gap. Below are a handful of the outreach initiatives I have underway, or am plugged into:


Join me for a trip back to the Azores to read about seabirds in the Atlantic! I wrote a guest blog with Dispatches From the Field about my work with storm-petrels and shearwaters. Prepare to hear about fluffy nestlings and bird poop: two staples of ornithology!

Guest Blogs

current conservation illustration 2 - Ai

​I wrote an article with Current Conservation on owl banding and the value of banding stations! Amazing artwork by Aindri Chakraborty.

Science Writing

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I got to write an article for the Salish Sea Currents about the ongoing avian population recovery in the Elwha River, and the amazing people studying it!

Science Journalism

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First infographic - insatiable

I've been collaborating with Loes Roes, an incredibly talented science illustrator, to create a hummingbird infographic series! Check out her awesome B&B in Panama - where you can see tons of hummers!




I got to partner with Youthforce and the Behavioral Ecophysics Lab to talk about career paths and getting plugged into ornithology!


Click on the pictures for the links!


I thoroughly enjoy museum outreach, such as with the Oakes Museum and the Burke Museum! I work with the Burke's "Girls in Science" program to share STEM with middle schoolers from underrepresented groups. Currently, I'm developing "Hummingbird Sugar Rush", a game that teaches students about hummingbird foraging strategies! This work is partially funded by the Animal Behavior Society. Check back for more updates soon!


Girls in Science & If/Then

Ornithology career talk and iNaturalist tutorial for the Burke Museum's Girls in Science and

American Association for the Advancement of Science's If/Then programs! Extra materials here.


A TED-Ed collaboration for which I created supplementary learning info!

Skype a Scientist

One of my talks with Skype a Scientist for an elementary school!

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