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Science + Games

Check out "Hummingbird Sugar Rush" ("Fiebre de Azúcar en Colibríes" en Español), a board game I'm designing to teach people about a day in the life of hummingbirds!

Game Design Process

In Hummingbird Sugar Rush, players race to collect the most nectar from flowers around the board, traveling as as one of three kinds of hummingbirds:

  1. Sparkling Violetear (territorialist)

  2. White-tipped Sicklebill (trapliner)

  3. Magenta-throated Woodstar (filcher)

Each species is equipped with strengths and weaknesses depending on its unique foraging strategy. Just as hummingbirds have to weigh the energetic trade-offs of searching for food, fighting to have sole access to it, and visiting flowers with more- or less-sugary nectar (which contains more or less energy), so must the players!

Community Engagement

Check out our community partners and the events we've been playtesting at by clicking on the images!

Below is a poster I presented at the American Ornithologist's Society in 2023 (click to pan over with a magnifying lens!).
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