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Interested in collaborating? Trying to hack the grad school application process? You can reach me at or @the.bird.girl on Instagram!

Grad School Questions

As someone who went through the laborious and seemingly endless process of trying to find the "perfect" grad program and apply, I've been there. Check out my Grad School Apps page if you haven't already. But beyond that, I'm absolutely willing to check over CVs, drafts of those initial emails to professors, explain what different grad programs are like, or just answer questions about what I've found to be most successful techniques! There are tons of resources out there, but things can feel overwhelming - I'm in your corner, and always happy to try and help!

Potential Collaborators

I love collaborating and hearing new ideas, or ways to build upon the research I'm already conducting. Please do not hesitate to reach out! My primary areas of research include hummingbird ecology, foraging patterns, and wildlife tracking - but anything bird-related is going to pique my interest *wiggles eyebrows*.

Outreach Avenues

​I'm always ready for new opportunities to communicate science! If you want someone to talk about hummingbirds, or write a piece on these little gems, please let me know. As you might have gathered, I've also done a lot of work with other birds around the world, and love to chat, present, or write about them. Plus I have lots of early career advice on how to break into the field of wildlife biology as a newcomer. My interests are varied, and I love to share and help however I can!

Animation credit: Olivia Coucci

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