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Exploration and Storytelling


Welcome to my nerdy bird world! I'm a PhD candidate at the University of Washington, in the Behavioral Ecophysics lab—a realm for all things hummingbird. I'm primarily interested in tropical hummingbird ecology (e.g., movement, foraging, reproduction), with an emphasis on their conservation. Part of my job is to get others as excited about these tiny birds as I am!

​Throughout my career, I intend to advance diverse, ethical science on four fronts: 1) Elucidate understudied pollinator strategies to inform conservation practices; 2) Leverage cutting-edge technologies in radio-tracking to answer scientific questions that traditional field approaches can't; 3) Promote equity in science by collaborating and publishing with students from underrepresented groups; and 4) Engaging members of the public from multiple age groups and backgrounds, to establish hummingbirds as ambassadors of vertebrate pollinator decline.

Media credit for some of the opening video clips: Ana Melisa Fernandes, Miguel Angel Muñoz Amaya, and Alejandro Rico-Guevara.
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