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Exploration and Storytelling


Welcome to my nerdy bird world! I'm a PhD student at the University of Washington, in the Behavioral Ecophysics lab - a realm for all things hummingbird. I'm primarily interested in tropical hummingbird ecology (e.g., movement, foraging, reproduction), with an emphasis on their conservation. I strive to optimize field ornithology by integrating novel technology with traditional field methods.

​Throughout my career, I intend to emphasize: 1) bold, innovative ecology and conservation, focusing on exploratory field research; 2) forming synergistic, cross-disciplinary collaborations; 3) promoting equity in science by empowering, and lowering accessibility barriers for, as many underrepresented students as I can; and 4) communicating the pressing need for wildlife conservation combined with local engagement.

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Photo credit: Lindsay Barden (headshot), Dylan Winkler (banding photo bottom right).
Alyssa J. Sargent
Instagram: @the.bird.girl